IMG_5529_1What does „Kohle nur noch zum Grillen!“ mean?

Something like „Coal for Barbecue Only“. It’s the name and slogan of our campaign. We oppose coal combustion for generating electricity but enjoy a nice barbecue.

Why don’t you like coal combustion?

Coal combustion is one of the main threats for the world climate. In Germany there are 20 to 30 new coal combustion plants projected or under construction.

Where should the energy come from?

We are sure that in the near future all energy could come from renewable sources. Wind, solar, water and biomass power already delivers one sixth of Germany’s electricity. It could be about half of total in 2020, and maybe ten or twenty years later 100%.

What do you think about nuclear power?

We absolutely oppose nuclear power! It is neither a renewable source of energy, nor is it save. And nobody knows what to do with the nuclear waste. We have another campaign, called „Nur noch Sonnenblumenkernenergie“, which is even harder to translate to English than „Kohle nur noch zum Grillen“ …

Who are you?

Some volunteers of Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND). Actually we are really nice guys and girls, you can meet us mostly Wednesdays at BUND office, Crellestr. 35, Berlin-Schöneberg at 7:30 p.m. To contact us, leave a comment or sent an e-mail to akklee [at] bund-berlin.de

Are you successful?

It seems so. We started our barbecue protest in 2008. In the beginning we protested against a coal combustion plant that the energy supplier Vattenfall wanted to built in Berlin. After some months of barbecuing and protesting Vattenfall anounced not to build the CCP in March 2009. That was a lucky day! Now we want Vattenfall to stop open cast lignite mining in the area south of Berlin, Lausitz.

What is you favourit barbecue recipe?

Because we are climate activists, we don’t use real meat sausages but tofu (soy) or seitan (wheat) sausages instead. Meat is bad for the climate too, especially beef. Most people don’t even recognize! We often use Taifun tofu or Whaty seitan. Grilled bananas with dark chocolate are yummy as dessert.